Who/What is Hollow River

Who is Hollow River? Is it a band? Is it a guy? The short answer is yes to both. 

Hollow River is the name that I, Mark MacDonald, have chosen to release all creative releases under from this point forward, and while this moment in time that focus is on music, Hollow River will also be the pseudonym for any writing or any other creative pursuits that the future might hold. 

The next logical question everyone has is why not just stick with Mark MacDonald? 

It turns out that Mark MacDonald is a very common name. This fact became obvious at a gig when a bunch of people who the opening act brought out told me that they had been listening to all my albums on their way to the show.  

The only problem was I hadn’t released an album yet….

Ok, I still haven’t, but I’m working on it… (*shameless plug for the Spiderweb Eyes Ep to be released September 2017*

I soon realized that this would be a problem I would have to overcome in any industry I choose, with whatever creative project I decide I want to do next their is already ‘Mark MacDonald’ doing that. 

So i had to brainstorm a pseudonym which was a pretty bizarre experience. Not everyone gets the opportunity to name themselves, and I wanted to make sure I chose something I could live with for a long time, with some meaning to me. I brainstormed with a friend from my writing group who had the idea to look at some old maps of the area near my cottage, the place consistent place in my life that I have been able to call home. 

That’s when we saw it, Hollow River.  

So going forward, anything that I work on will be credited to Hollow River, starting right now. I’m excited to take you on this journey with me. Thanks for all the support.